Are you interested in attending this event, but not sure how to fully explain the power of attending the importance of you being there? Please feel free to copy our letter below and add any additional information. We are excited to see you in Las Vegas!


Hello ,

The Leader in Me Symposiums presented by FranklinCovey Education are back in person! I would love to attend the Las Vegas Leader in Me Symposium on February 2-3, 2023 as an opportunity for personal growth and to bring valuable knowledge and strategies back to [insert school here].

This Symposium is the premier event for educators focused on leadership, whole-child learning, staff and student resilience and wellness, and creating trust. Not only will this event be a great opportunity for my personal growth, attending will help me more effectively achieve our WIGs this year and create an even greater impact in my [fill in the blank: school, classroom, etc].

At this event, we will also have the chance to visit other schools implementing Leader in Me and hear from students who are thriving as leaders in their schools and communities as they prepare for the future. 

The registration cost to attend the conference is $419 through October 31. 

I am confident you will see this as a worthwhile investment. It is an opportunity for me to network with educators and leadership thought leaders, attend valuable education sessions, and gain specific knowledge and skills that will help us address the challenges and goals we have in our school this year. In the past few years, there have been few opportunities to gather in person and connect with others, so this will be a great investment in my personal wellness, which will allow me to be an even better educator and leader this year. My attendance at this conference is a wise investment that will pay off for years to come! 






Register before October 31 & SAVE!